what customers are saying

"Had a $500K home listed for 60 days. Got no interest because the prior owners had chain smoked for 28 years. After trying everything, including Ozone machines that didn't work. Mold Medics bombed the interior with 'O' product. 3 hrs later, I showed the house. Problem gone!" - J.R. Realtor Ocean City, MD

 “We have a 40-seat restaurant and wine bar. After 4 years, the 'next morning' wine smell and mildew odor behind the bar was overwhelming. We also had bad food odor from the kitchen. Mold Medics 'fogged' the bar and kitchen grease pit at 9 AM. We opened for lunch at 11:30. Odors GONE!. We now use 'O' for maintenance.” - Eric M

"We own a 232 unit condo complex in Ocean City, Md. Our trash shoots were giving off awful odors when tenants would open the doors. Mold Medics bombed each floor with the 'O' Product.  Problem solved! We now do our own maintenance weekly." - G.L.

"I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You! to everyone at Mold Medics, your cleaning products are absolutely amazing. After a recent fire and a multiple complete cleaning in areas of our home still smelled like smoke, one treatment using your product and the smell is gone!! You guys saved us thousands! Thanks again." - Robert H.