5 Hidden Sources of Mold In Your Business

5 Hidden Sources of Mold In Your Business

Here's Where to Look For Hidden Mold In Your Business

Mold is something that can have devastating consequences for your health and business, so make sure you look out for these 5 sources of hidden mold!

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You recognize the value of running a clean and sanitary business in the modern world. You want to ensure that your facility is mold-free, which is why you've come to this article. Detailed below is everything you need to know about five potential sources of hidden mold. 

After all, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn against not treating mold. The presence of mold, according to the CDC, can cause serious short-term and long-term health problems if not properly taken care of. So, keep reading to be able to spot and prevent the development of mold in your business. 

1. A Leaky Roof Can Indicate Mold Is Forming Somewhere

The first sign of possible mold in your business is that of a leaky roof. During rainstorms, does your business have any leaks that you have to keep an eye on? I

If so, you can trust that water is trickling through your building's roof and ceiling in places that might not be easily visible. That's why it can bt so worthwhile to bring in experts to take a look. 

Note, mold removal services have grown in revenue as an overall industry throughout the past five years. Let these professionals examine your roof and attic spaces to ensure mold isn't forming as the result of a leaky roof. 

2. Water Damage Can Also Lead to Mold in Floors and Walls

Water damage, though, can affect a lot more within your business's building than just the roof. Take the time to ensure all floors, walls, nooks, and crannies are mold-free when you hire those professionals to evaluate your business. 

3. Visible Damage to Wallpaper Can Indicate Mold

Perhaps your building has wallpaper as interior decoration. Well, if you start to see significant discoloration or damage in corners or specific areas, take note. It's likely that mold is developing right behind it within the walls!

4. Follow Your Nose to the Hidden Mold!

As you likely know, certain molds can cause extremely uncomfortable odors. If these smells start to develop in your business, you might be exposed to mold somewhere.

Follow your nose to the source of the mold. It's common, when mold odors are strong, to find it growing in the air conditioning units themselves! For more details, check out this article about ways to remove unwanted odors in your place of business. 

5. Dampness and High Humidity Can Cause Mold

If you have a room in your place of business that is subject to high levels of humidity, mold is more likely to grow here. Examples of these kinds of rooms include laundry rooms or basements without a lot of ventilation. 

Hire Professionals to Get Rid of That Hidden Mold

By this point, you feel confident in being able to locate potential hidden mold throughout your business's facility. You're willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your facility is free from the health dangers of mold. That's why we encourage you to reach out to our experts today. 

We want yourself, your employees, and your customers to be healthy and safe when in your business. Feel free to browse through the rest of our website to see how our products and services could take your business's sanitation to a higher level.

First, check out more specifics behind the science of our eco-friendly mold removal products, available now. 

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