No Visible Mold, No Problem, Right? WRONG!

No Visible Mold, No Problem, Right? WRONG!

No Visible Mold, No Problem, Right?


Toxic Mold Can Destroy Your Home, Your Health and the Health of Your Family!

Many people believe that if there aren’t signs of visible mold, such as discolorations on surfaces, their environment is free of mold contamination. However, hidden mold may be growing- in attics, crawl spaces, behind drywall, or in air ducts. If left to multiply, invisible spores from infestation can produce enough toxic compounds to trigger serious problems in humans and pets with asthma, allergies, compromised immune systems (AIDS, CANCER, MS Patients, etc). Mold has even been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Cancer and in extreme cases, death. It’s an age - old problem. (Leviticus 14:35-48) (where’s the passage?). The New York Times estimates that mold is in fifty percent of homes and attributes nearly 100% of chronic sinus infections to mold. A 300% increase in asthma susceptibility has also been linked to toxic mold. (Edward Lupinski, “Home Clinic”, New York Times, 2018)

What Can You Do?

Eliminate the problem with Mold Medics’ M Aerosol!

This field-proven and independent lab-tested “Do It Yourself” aerosol goes where the spores are. Mold Medics’ all-natural, plant-based fogging process penetrates every crack and crevice of your property, as well as the air you breathe, all the fabrics where spores tend to settle, even your home’s air ducts. Mold Medics “M” denatures the mold spores by attacking their proteins and converting them into amino acids and peptides, thus rendering them harmless to the home’s occupants.

In addition, our fogging process also eliminates MRSA, ECOLI, LEG IONELLA, INFLUENZA and many other bacteria.

Worth A Try? You Bet!

You can keep these harmful spores out of your home’s living space, whether you have confirmed spores are present or not, by using the “M” Aerosol Product.

Green, Beyond Clean!


Infant Hives, December 24, 2018

 “After my infant son began breaking out in hives, we had our house tested, and found high levels of mold. His hives were so bad, we had to temporarily move out of our home. Mold Medics treated the mold, using their Green, Beyond Clean, ‘M’ Product and were thrilled with the results! Since treatment, my son has not had one outbreak of hives (they were a daily occurrence), and we were able to move back into our home. Mold Medics was professional, affordable, and most importantly, effective. Their treatment gave us back our healthy son and a safe house for our family. I very highly recommend the Green, Beyond Clean ‘M’ Product and Mold Medics.” - Janice B., Fort Washington, MD.

                           Pre-Treatment Spore Count      Post Remediation

Aspergillus/Penicillium           11,200                             93          

Cladosporium                             5,600                             80


Collapsed Lung, January 7, 2017  

“On February 9, 2016, while watching TV, my right lung collapsed (Atelectasis). This happened during a terrible snowstorm. Months before that, I had been coughing and having shortness of breath. My cardiac test came back okay.

On this dreadful day, I was rushed to the hospital and an emergency chest tube was put in place so I could breathe. I had acquired adhesions on my lung, and during my hospital stay they had to take 25% of my lung away by doing a Lysis of adhesions procedure.

My basement has had water coming in every year since 1995. The odor would always be there. There have been several companies that have treated my house for the water and mold problem, but the problem seems to reappear a few months after they treated it.

Late last year I had my house treated again for mold. A product called ‘M’ for Mold was used. BUT the company was the firstcompany that not only did testing before treatment, but also post- treatment testing. The difference in the quality of air in my house has been amazing!  Pre-treatment, my house registered over 6,000 contaminants. After treatment I was down to 85. The odor in my house is totally gone and the company has agreed to do bi-annual testing to make sure it stays that way.

Would I recommend this product? You bet! Not only would I recommend this product, I am having my mother’s house treated for her mold problem by Mold Medics as I am writing this letter.” - 0. Holston, Riverdale, MD

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