The Science Behind Our Products

The Science Behind Our Products

Our products were developed based on the concept of making environmentally sound cleaning, odor abatement and mold/bacteria control products. Our products use the same scientific methods that are used in creating vaccines. We extracted specific enzymes from selected microorganisms. These extracted enzymes are preserved and are combined with other natural plant extracts. This process results in producing an extremely safe and effective formula to accomplish our desired objectives.

In addition, we created a method for germ and mold control that uses the bacteria and the mold’s own systems to break down organism populations. This reduces the incidence of spoilage caused by microorganisms and infection.


Through our proprietary process, the enzymes, important protein catalysts that affect cell growth, are selected and harvested. Those enzymes are concentrated into solutions that break down unwanted colonies of the same organism when introduced into a target environment. This concept has proven to be successful in a number of products we designed for mold and bacteria applications, various cleaning products, odor elimination and bacteria removal.

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