PTAC Unit Facts

  • An average of 25 to 30% of energy savings on the HVAC side of your electric bill.  It is a well known fact that an evaporator coil that is 50% blocked costs a given unit as much as 120% of its efficiency.  When an insufficient amount of air moves through the unit it simply cannot do its job.
  • Longer lasting equipment.  When a unit doesn’t have to work as hard to get a given space to a certain temperature it is less taxing on its components. This means less down time and repairs because compressors aren’t trying to compress Freon that hasn’t been able to transfer its temperature, and blower wheels are not simply acting as “paddle wheels” in the air and can actually pull the air through the machine.  This is especially true of PTHP (heat pump) units that must go into “emergency heat” mode when the heat pump can’t keep up.  
  • Better air quality and improved guest experience.  A regularly serviced PTAC will smell better and won’t harbor airborne contaminants that have a tendency to build up over time.  This includes not only the buildup that happens on the fans and coils but also the condensate that accumulates in the pan that is known to harbor the worst kind of mildews and algea.